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The Future of Leadership is Empathy—And Companies are Better for It

By stepping outside themselves, empathetic leaders are often great communicators and relationship builders. Think about someone who really took time to help you grow. They were most likely an empath

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We’d all be better off by following the millennial model: showing more empathy at work. 

Empathy in the workplace has been a millennial-led trend for a few years, and if companies and leaders don’t adapt, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to find and retain talent. We hear over and over how millennials have ruined, well, everything. However, they’re getting a lot of things right, especially when it comes to expecting better treatment from colleagues and higher ups. 

Since millennials entered the workplace, they’ve been making some demands that have shaken things up and shown us they actually do not want that office pool table. Truthfully, all the pool tables and free beer in the world doesn’t mean anything if millennials are working in a toxic environment. 

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