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The Future Of Work Doesn’t Look Like You Think It Does

Source | LinkedIn : By Alex Chriss

The idea of people not being able to rely on traditional employment makes us all uncomfortable. But the reality is that the traditional, safe, “career” job has been eroding over the last 30 years.

In the 80’s, a job for life was standard and more than 60 percent of US workers had a pension. Fast forward to today and less than 14% of workers have a pension and predictions are that employees entering the workforce will work for 12-15 different companies. 

We are so attached to preconceived notions of what work looks like it can be hard to grasp the speed and scale with which work is changing.

This transformational shift has been brought on by a perfect storm of two economic trends that have been playing out for decades – and are now defining the future of work and entrepreneurship.  

The first is the massive rise in self-employment. A shift towards workers taking control of their own careers by going out on their own, supplementing and diversifying their income streams. 25 years ago, the contingent workforce in America was 6% – roughly 1 out of 20 workers. Today its 34% – 1 out of 3 – growing to 40 or 50% by 2020.

That intersects perfectly with a second trend which is the improvement technology is making in connecting supply and demand in a frictionless manner. Amazon, eBay and Etsy were early frictionless marketplaces accelerated by technology. Uber, Fiverr, and AirBnB are part of the next wave.

What we find so exciting about this trend is it’s solving what has traditionally been the number one challenge any entrepreneur or small business owner faces: finding customers. We’ve seen millions of small businesses struggle to find their next customer – and this struggle has set a bar, a hurdle for entrepreneurs to jump over. Technology is lowering this bar.

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