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The Gig Economy is a Borderless Economy

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Over the last 2 years, Samatha Horrock & Justin Bosco, have worked while living in more than 20 countries. South America, Peru, Chile, Barbados, Croatia, Austria and Reunion Island are some of the most exotic countries they have travelled (at least once a month) and both have been holding their respective jobs.

Welcome to the brave new world of work. This is the enhanced version and the new avatar of freelancers. The Digital Nomads. For them, work is where the Wi-Fi is and this is the future of work enabled by technology and reaffirmed by new age thinking.

The pandemic has had its own devastating impact on people, business and the society bringing untold miseries and unexplainable challenges. While the impact of the pandemic on the economy is yet to be ascertained and established in all its entirety, I am sure it will also bring in its fair share of learnings and course corrections.

For me personally, I have gone through a whole new paradigm shift in my own understanding of the emerging world of work as opposed to the traditional workplace. This ‘Work from Home’ arrangement have prompted a few questions that have thrown open a whole new possibility.

  1. Is it absolutely necessary to have all employees essentially operate out of office? There are so many who may prefer to work within the confines of home which opens up a whole new segment of potential hires for consideration. The latest Microsoft survey of 2021, indicates 40% of employees are planning to quit, if flexibility of working from home criteria is withdrawn.

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