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The Great Capitulation: Here’s Why You’re Losing Too Many Good People

By | Art Petty |

Stupefaction: that feeling of distress you have when you realize you’re responsible for good people leaving your firm.

Here’s a Fun-Fact from my Career Reinvent Boot Camp programs: 50% of participants would prefer to reinvent their careers (change what they do) without leaving your organization.

Unfortunately, most of them end up leaving your firm.

Many of these motivated, experienced individuals would love to remain with your organization. They’ve invested time. They appreciate the culture and feel a connection to the organization. Yet they leave. In fact, you give the push.

Eight Things That Are Driving Good People Away from Your Firm:

Here’s what’s happening to create this costly, sad outcome:

  1. Career development is an after-thought in your organization.
  2. Managers aren’t trained on how to support their employees’ career development.
  3. Managers aren’t held accountable for career development.
  4. There’s little support for shifting jobs internally.
  5. There’s even less support for individuals striving to make significant changes in what they do.
  6. Managers are reluctant to let their best people move to different roles—thus setting the stage for a likely exit.
  7. Most career development emphasis in organizations is ladder-focused when many professionals are more interested in lateral opportunities that promote growth.
  8. Over time, people change their priorities and interests and your systems don’t take this into account.

It’s this last one (people change) that goes mostly unrecognized in our broken career development systems.

Think about it:

  • Almost no one signs on to a job expecting or wanting to do it forever.
  • The work someone found exciting and rewarding a few years ago no longer has the same impact.
  • Our sense of purpose changes over time.
  • Good people, the kind you want to build your future around, want new experiences and fresh adventures.

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