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The Great Resignation: How to Deal with a Toxic Boss

When quitting is not an option. Yet.

By | Pia Regalado |

For two years, community manager Gina endured being loaded with tasks and called to meetings just to nitpick on her team’s mistakes, until she quit her job and swore to never work with such a boss again, noting the many red flags.

Workers leave managers, not their jobs and when your boss is unmasked as a bully, human resource professional recommend stepping back to evaluate your options.

“There were times when she would delegate tasks that she has committed to, without consulting if I still have the time to do it. She shouts when somebody in the team does something wrong and calls for a meeting just to nitpick on how ‘stupid’ the mistake was,” Gina told reportr, asking not to be named for fear of retribution.

“I got so afraid of exploring my other writing styles dahil sabi n’ya, mag-stick ako sa turo n’ya… Sad kasi sa labas ang ganda tingnan ng trabaho, pero ‘yung dinadanas mo with her everyday, my god!” she said.

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