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The Great Resignation – how to stop your best employees from leaving

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The pressure is mounting! Leaders are busy dealing with massive economic uncertainty, managers are stretched due to lack of staff, and people are putting in longer hours. For many this is creating a toxic workplace culture and a perfect storm which means that people are deciding to vote with their feet.

If you are asking “What is the Great Resignation?” or “What is causing the Great Resignation?” or “What can I do about the Great Resignation?”, here are some useful statistics that quantify the problem.

A survey of 6,000 workers by Randstad UK in November 2021 found that 24% were planning to move jobs in the next few months. That is more than double the percentage normally expected to move jobs every year. 

The financial implications of this movement for businesses are quite severe. According to the CIPD it can cost £7,000 – £15,000 to replace a team member and as much as a year’s salary for a manager or leader, due to the impact on team and business performance.

So, what are the factors driving this ‘Great Resignation’?

Identifying the root causes – a shock to the system

The sudden impact of the pandemic and the enforced lockdowns were a massive shock to the system.

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