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The Great Resignation is upon us, and purpose can help you resist its siren call

People are most satisfied when they can follow their passion and make a lasting impact. Leaders who act on that can keep talent from leaving


The COVID-driven collision of evolving business norms and forced reflection has resulted in an awakening for business leaders. Most of us have never experienced so much change and disruption in our working routines, nor have we had so much time to step back and reevaluate—and certainly not all at once. Fashioning offices in the corners of our bedrooms and spending the entirety of our days on video conferences has opened our weary eyes to the duplicity of the notion that home life and work life could ever be balanced, let alone distinct. We’re now forced to accept that the way we work is an ever-shifting commixture, where home, job, and community bleed into one another like soft-edged watercolors.

This awakening has many people questioning their paths and palettes: If my life and work are one and the same, how do I find the most value in this united experience? If my expectations and plans can be so wholly upended, how can I make the most of my time, treasure, and talent in the moment? With fresh perspective, we search for a focal point in our lives—something that consistently draws us in, and from which everything else can flow out. When we struggle to find this, we feel lost and often with an unclear vision of an ideal future. Cue the cry for purpose.

Having articulated purpose—both personal and corporate—long before the term was mainstream, I welcome this widespread pivot inward to find an outward, meaningful path. For 25 years, BCG BrightHouse has helped shape this adjustment for companies, enabling them to create value across employee engagement, financial results, cultural uplift, and strategic goal setting. 

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