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The great resignation: the revolution of the employees in search of labor flexibility

So far in 2021 there is a historic record in job resignations, driven by a movement that seeks to revolutionize the way people work

Source | | Silvina Moschini

Towards hybrid and flexible schemes

According to Klotz’s studies, the current resignation rate is the highest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) began measuring this rate in 2000. In his hypothesis, Klotz argues that many employees stuck to their job. I work in the face of the uncertainty that the pandemic brought, but that as time went by, those same many began to question how they wanted to continue.

The key to attracting – and keeping – talent in a market where the employee gains power is to offer flexibility . Because, when the office ceased to be the space you go to every day, the default work arrangements lost importance and, instead, the particular needs of each of the people who work became evident. In the post-COVID scene:

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