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The Great Resignation turns to the Great Regret as worker needs are not being met, expert says

Survey shows 26% of people who quit their job during what was dubbed the 'Great Resignation' already regret it

By | Daniella Genovese |

The fact that workers regret quitting during the Great Resignation underscores a more significant issue: worker needs are not getting met. 

That’s according to John Morgan, president of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), a global provider of talent acquisition and job recruitment solutions.

According to a recent survey by Joblist, about 26% of people who quit their job during what was dubbed the Great Resignation already regret it. Additionally, 42% of people who found a new job after quitting said the new gig didn’t live up to their expectations. 


Not only is this a sign that “Great Regret is happening but also that workers are looking for a better workplace culture, and are finding that these needs aren’t being met by either company,” Morgan said. 

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