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The Greatest Minds in Business and Entertainment Share Their Career Advice

Source | LinkedIn : By Florencia Iriondo

Every year on LinkedIn, we produce video interviews with some of the brightest people in the world, and 2016 was no exception. As part of our exclusive Influencer Interview series, we talked with top CEOs, authors, creatives and leaders about their upcoming projects, how they run their businesses and how they keep people motivated.

But one thing we really want to know is: how did they do it? How did these impressive people become who they are today? Who do they look up to, and what advice can they share with the rest of us?

Today we’re releasing our third annual Career Advice series, a compilation of previously unreleased conversations about the road to success, how to stay motivated, who to surround yourself with, and more. From Bill Gates’ advice to his daughter to Priyanka Chopra’s experience moving to a foreign country; Jeff Immelt’s race to the top of GE to Gwen Stefani’s commitment to authenticity, these are stories and words of wisdom to inspire you as we launch into 2017.

On growing within a company:

Indra Nooyi, CEO at PepsiCo

“If I go back through my entire career, anywhere where things were too complex, it always came to me. “Indra, you simplify it first. You tell us how to navigate through this extremely complex problem.” That was my skill then. It is today. Why can I do that? Somebody gives me a complex problem I become a student. I don’t care that I’m CEO, or president, or CFO. I become a student.”

Jeff Immelt, CEO at General Electric

“I guess one of my personal philosophies is I can always get better. I can always improve, I can always learn, I can always get better and people who embrace that, we’re gonna help them.”

John Watson, CEO at Chevron

“I found that, while Chevron is a big company, everybody tends to know everybody after a period of time because people move around, you see different opportunities, and pretty soon you know somebody in a work group. You know somebody if you want an answer to a question in a different area. And what happens is you build not just your human capital in terms of what you know about the business, but you also build relationships over time, and that enables you to be effective if you can work with people and bring the technology and other skills that you have to the job.”

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