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The ‘Halo’ before the ‘Hello’ in Hiring

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohit Gundecha

I was interviewing a guy earlier this month – whose eyes were red, whose lips filled with smoke, a bulging tummy with his inner popping out of the shirt. For the first 5 minutes, I was struggling to focus on what the guy was trying to say. I had made a call in my mind that this guy is not going through.

The interview became a lot more promising as the guy got speaking – we were pretty impressed by how much he knew about our space, his in-depth research about our company culture, and his willingness to be molded.  We made the hire and the guy already looks very promising.

Let’s be honest, most of us face hiring biases. Some observations from the research conducted by Jombay’s Behavioral Analysts on Hiring Managers.

#1. Tall men have higher probability of getting hired than short men. And this is simply because they are perceived to be more proficient and powerful.

#2. Candidates are more likely to be shortlisted if they wear glasses for the interview. A lot of people seem to have this perception that people who wear glasses are more focused or sincere.

#3. Around 30% of the participants mentioned that their decision was influenced if the candidate was wearing religious accessories (neck wear, wristband) or had a tattoo, nose ring, piercing or colored hair.

#4. Some recruiters have a quirky habit of looking for candidate’s birthdate on the resume and categorizing him/her as a Scorpion or Virgo.

#5. Recruiters tend to make stereotypes on the first name or last name of the candidate evenbefore the guy opens his mouth in an interview.  They may not perceive a certain ‘Siddhant’ or a ‘Rishikesh’ on par with a ‘Sid’ or a ‘Rishi’ in the same light.

With Gen-Y and Millennials, I have realized that – ‘the first impression is not the last impression’. Many of them believe in creating ‘lasting’ impressions. So, next time you are hiring from a B-School, you might want to overlook the piercings, earrings and baggy pants 🙂

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