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The Handy Checklist That Guarantees You’ll Start Your New Job on the Right Note

By | Alyse Kalish |

Starting a new job is exhilarating. And the opportunities are endless—a new chance to make an awesome first impression, new responsibilities to help you grow, new professional connections who could turn into friends, even a new (and clean) desk.

But before you head to bed thinking all the fantasies, there are a few things you should do the night before your first day—that is, if you want to seriously impress and earn the respect of your new boss.

And, because we’re feeling super generous, we made you this handy checklist so you don’t forget anything important. Just click File > Download as > whatever file you’d like to get started.

1. Lay Out Your Outfit

You want to make a killer first impression (OK, maybe it’s not the first, but it’s still pretty important), so make sure your best outfit is ready to go so you’re not scrambling in the morning.

But remember, this isn’t an interview—you already have the job. So, if you know the office is more casual, don’t be afraid to tone it down a bit. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable knowing you’ll be dressed like everyone else, rather than the one person wearing a full suit.

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