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The hidden cost of Internal Recruiting Teams

By | Ratnesh Jain | Entrepreneur | Advisor | Executive Search & Business Growth Specialist

Many corporates big & small are now appointing their own Internal recruiting teams.

While the internal TA teams deliver huge savings in agency fees for the corporates – they fail to see the hidden opportunity cost.

Despite the best of intentions and herculean efforts by corporate recruiting teams – quality, speed and branding suffer heavily.

The key issues with Corporate recruiting teams:

  • They are too busy with day-to-day work rather than focusing on strategic work.
  • They lack the budget and focus for targeted research.
  • They are not exposed to the latest technology and solutions.
  • They lack the bandwidth to search and engage with passive candidates.
  • Good Candidates don’t respond/open up with Corporate recruiting teams as they see them as an interested party.
  • Most Passive candidates approach and are in touch with focused Executive search firms but not Corporate recruiting teams.

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