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The Hidden Dangers for Introverts in These 4 ‘Compliments’

By | Arthi Perka |

All of these “compliments” tend to be given to those who habitually give preference to others’ convenience at the cost of their own.

Who doesn’t love a compliment? They make us feel good about ourselves and tell us something about what people appreciate in us.

What makes for a great compliment? It always has these three things:

  • The sole focus is one or more qualities of the person receiving the praise.
  • It’s backed by evidence. Either the evidence is glaringly obvious (a beautiful new outfit) and therefore needs no additional explanation, or the giver elaborates on why they appreciate said quality.
  • It is genuine and given wholeheartedly.

While a lot of compliments can be taken at face value even if they don’t include all three pieces, there are some that can be dangerous to us introverts. I’m talking about forms of praise that are widely acknowledged as positive but may serve to limit you rather than help you grow. Here are four of them.

4 Potentially Limiting ‘Compliments’

1. The Good Girl or Boy

Most likely heard during childhood when we are forming who we will eventually be, this compliment is misleading, albeit usually given by loving parents with the kindest of intentions, I’m sure.

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