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By | Sreekanth K Arimanithaya | Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader, EY Global Delivery Services

While jargons on the future of work are one too many, it is a fact that most of us are planning for it today. When future readiness is going to be a differentiator in success, and at times the very definition of it, how do we pre-empt and prepare for it?

In the last blog, I spoke of digitization versus digitalization, and how despite the former providing incremental gains, we need to gun for the latter to drive transformative agendas. In this context, how can we build digital full-stack delivery?

The five layers which stack up: Each layer builds over the previous one, scaling in value to the business.

1. Process layer

2. Application layer

3. Data layer

4. Digitalization layer

5. Experience layer

Each of these layers will be influenced by contemporary technology and practices, which would be:

  1. Agile
  2. Design thinking
  3. Lean process re-engineering
  4. Continuous integration
  5. Microservices architecture 

There are four other concepts we need to factor in:

  1. Human-centered innovation 
  2. Ways of working 
  3. Automated build and test in real-time 
  4. Lego blocks assembled to customize solutions

So, what do all these layers mean?

  1. Process layer

The big question is, ‘How can we eliminate non–value-adding processes, automate cost-adding steps, and leverage value-adding processes using lean thinking and process maturity models?’

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