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The Human Cost of Multitasking

Source | LinkedIn | Karthik Mulakaluri | GM HR – Accenture | Certified Coach & Trainer | Talent Innovation, Neuro Science & OD Practitioner | Writer | Photographer | Public Speaker

While I set out to write few thoughts on the Cost of Multitasking, my primary objective is to review and present a scientific viewpoint showing exactly how multitasking is creating significant impact not only on performance (productivity), but also on the mental health of an individual and by adopting certain strategies can translate to meaningful outcomes. 

Across industries (explicitly in the Technology industry), one often thinks of multitasking as doing more than one thing concurrently. This has increasingly become a natural norm and taken for granted (like working on spread-sheets or presentations while attending virtual calls or responding to emails). This is seen as an ability to demonstrate one’s agility and being adaptable. It can even be things like – driving and talking on the car Bluetooth system (which the author of this article never prescribes to). 

Certain studies do show multitasking makes people more productive. But the true costs of multitasking started showing on mental health one’s work-life balance and ability to acquire new learnings.

Understanding the status of focus and the formula for attention by overcoming distractions is extremely critical. In simple terms – Multitasking is the Archenemy of Focus.”

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