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The Hype Behind Customer Experience

By | Angela White

Flash sales, discount vouchers, premium offers; companies have done all they can to improve customer experience. But why does Customer Experience matter to customers in the digital age; An age where almost all interaction with customers is virtual and indirect. It’s because customer experience still matters.

Customers still value the relationship they have with a brand and it matters; sometimes more so than the price of the product. With time companies have realized the importance of customer experience and have worked towards ensuring the best possible experience to their customers. But have they done enough. Have their efforts really managed to bridge the gap between customer expectations and organizational understanding?

Bigger corporations like Apple, Amazon, etc have   customer experience and taken significant steps towards providing delightful customer service. The results of this can be seen in the devoted following both these brands have. Apple with its premium offerings is not always in the price offerings of a lot of users, but once a customer is in the Apple universe, they won’t trade their devices for any other. 

Amazon continues to dominate the market in terms of market share and profits, this was achieved by keeping the needs of the customer at the very top. 

In an age where customers are fickle and can afford to be so simply because of the choices available to them, it is imperative for companies to make their customer experience stand out. 

This infographic created by ProProfs Survey Maker highlights the need for customer experience. It covers: 

  • Why customer experience matters more than ever now
  • What customers think of customer experience
  • The results of poor customer experience
  • How companies have benefitted from investing in CX
  • How to get better at CX 

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