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The Impact of Influencers – How Google Measures It

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Google is synonymous with search and analytics. They have been working with Influencers and have wondered how to measure the impact of the partnership. This is one of the most widely read articles that they put out. So clearly many people have been scratching their head over the same problem.

“We found that some top creators have helped us achieve the scale of TV ads, at significantly lower cost.”
— Think With Google

How Googles Measures Impact of Influencers

These are four big takeaways

1. Stop selling impressions and likes as impact

Don’t leave it up to vanity metrics to assess the return on an influencer marketing partnership. Likes and views don’t mean anything. So what do you look for?

2. Brand building needs long-form content

Brands especially B2B brands need long form content creators. Long-form content gave our marketing messages more breathing space. The brand gets a mention in the organically created content of the influencer

3. Focus on brand lift to isolate impact

Survey those who saw the content and compare it with the response and behaviour of those who did not see the content. Is there a difference?

4. The influencer’s work is part of the regular marketing mix

When they measured it against as part of the Marketing strategy, they found that some top creators have helped us achieve the scale of TV ads, at significantly lower cost.

Key takeaway

Work with long form content creators. Bloggers, podcasters and content creators make for effective Influencers.

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