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The Interview Question Job-Seekers Hate Most

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

There are dozens of rude and irrelevant interview questions and job-seekers have heard all of them, but one question throws job-seekers for a loop whenever it comes up.

The interview question job-seekers hate most is “What were you earning at your last job?” (or, if you’re working now, “What are you earning now?”)

This question is not relevant to the job interview and it’s impolite, but job-seekers are naturally reluctant to say, “It’s none of your business what I’m earning now or what I earned at my last job.”

In truth, it is none of an interviewer’s business what you are earning now or what you’ve earned at any job, but we are too well-brought-up to say so!

There is no reason whatsoever for anyone interviewing you for a job to ask you what you earned at a completely different job.

It’s rude of them to ask you for your personal financial details. Is the interviewer going to tell you what he or she is earning? Of course not — salary information is private. If it’s private for them, why shouldn’t it  be private for you, as well?

When we call the plumber, we ask, “What’s your hourly rate?” We don’t ask the plumber, “What did you charge my neighbor when you fixed his tub drain?”

Are employers mightier than you are?

They are not, but plenty of interviewers have been brainwashed to believe that an employer is always the top dog in the recruiting/hiring relationship. They have been taught that the employer calls the tune and the poor job-seeker has to perform whatever steps are asked of him or her.

Many job-seekers have been taught the same thing — that they have to grovel and beg for a job.

That’s ridiculous! You are a talented professional and there is no reason for you to give up your personal, confidential salary information on a job interview (or even earlier, in a phone call with a company recruiter or a third-party recruiter).

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