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The Key Trait That Will Make You An Exceptional Leader

Source | | Christine Comaford

Every CEO wants to know how he or she can be a stronger, more efficient leader. That’s why, as a leadership and culture coach, I am often asked: how can we be better?

The science is in! Strong leaders are the most compassionate. But what exactly does it mean to be a compassionate CEO? It means noticing the feelings of others and acting on those observations. It means listening with the intent to understand, not just reply. Data suggests this will make for stronger leadership, happier employees, and a better organization.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner agrees.

What Compassion Means

It’s not just about being nicer to your employees. Compassion is an important business tool you can utilize to improve your organization. In fact, case studies show that leaders who are attuned to their employee’s emotional needs fare better than those who choose to ignore the emotional side of business relations.

Today’s leader will benefit from mastering both empathy and compassion. They may seem like interchangeable terms, but there are quite different. Empathy is the ability to connect with an emotion, rather than only the reason for the emotion — feeling their pain. Then, there’s compassion. Weiner considers compassion “empathy plus action.” Sometimes, experiencing only empathy can leave you helpless—if you’re deeply feeling someone else’s pain, for example, you’ll lose the benefit of keeping your perspective. Compassion, however, allows you to act.

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