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The Leader You’ll Always Remember Is the One Who Cared

Source | Linkedin | Tim Denning | Viral Blogger | Leader | Sales Professional

We all have one leader in our career that we remember more than anyone else. We credit this person with helping us breakthrough or giving us an opportunity that we didn’t think we deserved.

I had one of those leaders in my career too. They are someone I will never forget until the day I die and for a while, it didn’t really make sense. It got me thinking deeply about this idea:

What does that one leader do differently?

I thought about that question long and hard for twelve months after I departed working with this leader. Then it hit me one day while sitting on the train in silence trying not to mimic everyone around me who was doing the same, except with their eyes glued to the screen of their not-so-smart phone

The leader you remember is the one that cared.

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