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The Leader’s Guide to Fighting Fatigue in This Era

By | Art Petty |

In the best of times, leading and managing is hard work. After all, people are complicated, our business challenges are increasingly complex, and anyone called upon to regularly make tough decisions is bound to feel the strain.

In this era, the demands are unceasing — ripple effects of this global pandemic — arriving daily. In some cases, we wrongly point at our tools and technologies as the culprits of our fatigue. While you might be tired of sitting in your home office wearing bunny slippers and your favorite pajama bottoms while talking with colleagues on-screen, I shudder to think of what this would have been like in another era without these technologies.

Yet despite the current environment and visible signs of stress emanating from many grown weary of the strains of their roles, some leaders are persevering and succeeding. When I question those thriving, I hear a common theme: They have a strategy for recharging.

Instead of suffering in silence, find a way that works for you to pause, reflect and recharge. And then come back for the next round and keep solving the problems by being at your best as a leader.

Here are some ideas to help.

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