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The Leadership Essentials: 5 Things Every Leader Must Get Right

Source | | Dr. Richard Osibanjo

Think about any successful business story, and you will hear stories of great leaders who inspired their teams to do great things. In the same vein, think about any business failure story. You will hear stories of failed leadership. Everything rises or falls on leadership. If you want to bring about lasting change—shift mindsets, influence behaviors, and accelerate results, it starts with leaders leading themselves exceptionally well. Below are five things every leader must get right to translate their vision into reality successfully:

#1 Have a compelling vision: What is your vision? Have you discovered something you can pour your life into? According to Dr. Oleg Konovalov, a leadership expert and author of “The Vision Code,”  about 0.1% of business, social or political leaders have a vision. Think about that.

Leaders will come and go, but it is their vision that will outlive them. Alan Mulally led Ford’s transformation from near bankruptcy into one of the world’s leading automakers. To turnaround Ford, he went back to Henry Ford’s original vision for starting the company—building quality cars that are affordable and available to everyone. Mulally understood that to aim at everything was to aim at nothing. The clarity of his vision (One Ford strategy) activated employees because they knew where the company was going, why it was going there, and what they needed to do to get there.

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