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The Leading Industry 4.0 Companies 2019

Source | | Matthew Wopata

Vendor Map of leading Industry 4.0 companies

While conducting research for the recently released Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Market Report, IoT Analytics identified 300+ leading Industry 4.0 companies that supply cutting edge products and services that are driving the fourth industrial revolution. The leading Industry 4.0 companies were selected based on a number of criteria (case studies, product offerings, estimated market share, etc.) and were categorized based on what type of Industry 4.0 product or service they supplied. IoT Analytics breaks up the Industry 4.0 market into two main segments:

  1. Connected Industry Building Blocks (left-hand side of the vendor map): suppliers of building blocks that are used to create Connected Industry solutions.
  2. Other Industry 4.0 Supporting Technologies (right-hand side of the vendor map): suppliers of other technologies which can be deployed independently or alongside Connected Industry Building Blocks in order to realize Industry 4.0 use cases.

Industry 4.0 companies that stand out in each category

1.      HostingMicrosoft

Building on its long history of supporting industrial automation companies, Microsoft has emerged as the hosting partner of choice for many Industry 4.0 companies. Both end users (manufacturing facilities) and suppliers (OEMs, industrial automation companies, etc.) have partnered with Microsoft to develop and run mission-critical on-premise SCADA and MES applications for decades. Microsoft’s deep domain knowledge and technical capabilities (especially with respect to hybrid cloud solutions) have helped it become a leading provider of hosting services for major manufacturing end users and suppliers such as Siemens, PTC, GE, and Emerson.

2.      Industrial IoT Platforms: MicrosoftGEPTC, and Siemens

IoT platforms come in many shapes and sizes (see our IoT platforms report for more information); however, two main categories of industrial IoT platforms have emerged in the market:

  1. Industrial IoT platforms that are tightly coupled with infrastructure (IaaS + PaaS platforms). These IoT platforms that are tightly coupled with a cloud provider’s IaaS backend. Microsoft has emerged as the clear leader in this space with respect to Industrial IoT offerings, with Amazon, IBM, and Google also providing IaaS + PaaS platform offerings for industrial companies.
  2. Infrastructure agnostic industrial IoT platforms. These IoT platforms include many of the components of the IoT platform stack but are intentionally vendor-agnostic when it comes to the IaaS / cloud backend layer. Industrial automation companies like Siemens, GE, and PTC are leading the way in this category, which provides more flexibility for hosting in multi-cloud environments and on-premise.

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