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“The Level of Success depends on the Level of your Personal Development”

Source | LinkedIn : By Hai Ninh Nguyen

My recent travel to South East Asia gave me the opportunity to recover from the stressful year and space to think and plan for the upcoming one.  I took a lot of time to think about personal growth and development. During my trip I refrained to absorb any kind of news or spending too much time on the internet, instead I did a lot of reading and getting inspiration from different people & cultures.

I came to realise that in order to make profound changes in my life and become a better designer/entrepreneur/person, it is not essential to stay up to date with the latest trends about things that are going on in the labs of Google, Facebook or Apple and by reading all possible blogs and books about design & technology, but rather to improve and investing in myself and create a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) in order to achieve bigger goals in life.

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