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The Manager – An Underleveraged Opportunity to Have Meaningful Impact on EX


These days, we at TI People are asked to help set employee experience priorities: The world is asking for a better human experience of work – and at the same time, the reality for many organizations is that SG&A spend has been cut by 15% on average. Delivering more (EX) for less (budget) requires a sharper edge when selecting 2021 priorities.

In this piece we’d like to focus on the role that line managers play in the employee experience. Even McKinsey – the advocates of ‘flatter, faster, leaner’ – starts to reconsider the role of middle managers. Let’s see what we can bring to the table:

At TI People, we are focused on capturing, analyzing and using data to better understand the quality of interactions that people have with the company as they work. Based on more than 800,000 data sets in our EXI© database, we know that across all moments and talent segments, interactions with the manager are most impactful on the overall human experience of work. That is far ahead of interactions with touchpoints such as internal apps, shared services and others.

We also know that the experiences employees have with their manager highly correlates with the experience of managers as they perform their job (r=.495). This data indicates that ensuring a high-quality experience for Managers will result in Managers delivering a good experience to their team.

In the real world, our data shows that less than 25% of managers positively rate their experience with for example, IT and HR support.

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