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The Mediterranean Diet Will Keep Your Brain Sharp As You Age

Gain energy, improve your memory, and more

By | Ashley Lall |

As we get older, many of us may notice that we’re not quite as sharp as we used to be. Brain health is something that tends to decline as we age, but emerging science shows us that certain lifestyle habits, like diet and exercise, may not only help us maintain cognitive function, but even improve it! Enter the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet for Brain Health

We’ve already talked about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for gut health. On top of that, research also shows that the eating plan may increase your longevity and reduce your risk of depression! Now, researchers have found evidence that a Mediterranean diet, combined with exercise, may also improve brain health and cognitive function.

In a new study researchers from the University of Illinois and the United States Air Force teamed up to determine if exercise paired with the nutrients found in the Mediterranean diet could benefit physical and mental performance. They assigned an exercise regimen to a group of subjects from the air force for 12 weeks. The subjects were then divided into two groups: one that would take a supplement containing nutrients typically found in the Mediterranean diet, and one that was given a placebo. The Mediterranean diet supplement was high in protein, and contained other nutrients like lutein, omega-3s, phospholipids, folic acid (or folate), B vitamins, and vitamin D.

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