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The Mid-night Side Of You

By | Adil Malia |

We all have a shadow self. It is made up of the parts of ourselves which are unacceptable but we pretend and deny its existence… aggression, abuse, rage, one-upmanship, cruelty etc. Deep within we know that they are uncivilised, not acceptable, aggressive behaviours but we pretend that others will not realise our dark-side or that they are innocuous.Sometimes we even rationalise our shadow behaviours and make-believe that such display on our part is actually for the larger good of others !!!

Unfortunately, most of us do not realise that the world beyond us (on the other side of our mid-night) actually sees only the dark shadow side of us…just like we often do for others.

If there are cracks within for light to pass , they will see your good side only through those tiny little gaps wherefrom some over-whelming acts of your kindness may leak.

We see their Shadow-sides. We call it our sharpness to see through the maze. But when they see through our maze and point out our shadow side, we deny.

Your shadow side is your real silent killer. It is deleterious. You live with your killer each day !!!

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