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The Mind, the Bird, and Mental Wellness

By | Nathan SV | Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte India

This morning I saw a bird in my garden. A nice bird flitting in and flitting out and jumping from one branch to another. Seemed unsure and not getting what it wanted, its forage perhaps. Looking around and all over. I also noted that it was all by itself. Not like the other birds like, say, a crow or a pigeon. I tried to take a picture of the bird. It just would not stay in one place. Finally, managed to take a picture with some difficulty. The bird would not stay in one place for long. Much like our thoughts.

Our thoughts move around quickly and does not stay in one place, just like the bird. There are some of us who do not actively seek the company of other birds. Today is the World Mental Health Day. And it struck me that there are some amongst us who are like the lonely bird. In a way alone and searching within ourselves, and unsure and moving from one place to another. At the far end, even withdrawing within self. I know what it feels like for I have been there.

In these moments when I am alone and overwhelmed with what is happening to me, I am aware that there needs some resetting within self. And for that reset, I need to accept and understand my current situation. I am fortunate for I try a few things whenever I feel overwhelmed.

I try to do some breathing exercises, deep breathing in and breathing out and for some time. I have also found it useful to meditate. Just sitting down and doing nothing, observing my thoughts as if it were a movie. At times, I would also utter some chants. Closing my eyes helps me. I have also tried to find out the source of my anxiety. Sometimes I don’t find the answers. I find it easier to accept that I am stressed. Feeling low is nothing to be ashamed about. We just have to exercise the choice to do something about it.

I have a couple of friends who I speak to and these are the guys who don’t give me advice, but just listen to me. I know that awareness helps, and I also know that others can help me too. I have tried walking, some exercises, and these have helped. Not easy to get started though. I am also aware that I could be stressing someone around me. I ask myself if I can care more to care. Be more sensitive.

Back to the bird. I just wished it had another bird to chirp along with. And that happened in a jiffy. Another bird came along. They flew away leaving me with a hope that many of us would find our anchors within ourselves and perhaps others could help us find it.

Republished with permission and originally published at Nathan SV’s LinkedIn

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