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The Mistakes These Successful People Don’t Regret

Source | LinkedIn : By Bernard Marr

The vast majority of new businesses fail — which means, logically, that a high percentage of successful business owners have at least one failure in their past, big or small.

What makes one person pack it in and go home while another tries again? The difference between failure and success is simple: the successful keep trying.

Take, for example, these four highly successful entrepreneurs. Each had one or more major setbacks in their career that could have derailed them entirely. Instead, they chose to learn from their mistakes and power forward to become some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

Vera Wang: Failed Figure Skater

Vera Wang revolutionized the bridal fashion industry, but before that, she was a world-class figure skater.  As a young girl, Wang competed in the 1968 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, coming in fifth in the Junior Pairs division and missing her goal of joining the U.S. Olympic figure skating team.

From ice skating, she turned to fashion, and worked her way up to senior fashion editor at Vogue before being passed over for a promotion. She left the magazine and became design director for Ralph Lauren until, frustrated with the choices for her own wedding, she designed her own bridal gown. Soon after, she started her fashion house.

“For me the idea that I could always do better, learn more, learn faster, is something that came from skating,” Wang told Cosmogirl, “But I carried that with me for the rest of my life.”

Bill Gates and Paul Allen: Failed Traffic Software Developers

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started a compony called Traf-O-Data, offering a computerized microprosessor that could analyse traffic data for municipalities. When they tried to demonstrate the program for a potential client — it didn’t work.  Soon, the program was made obsolete entirely.

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