The more boring your job seems, the more important your imagination becomes

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On my first day as a member of a large corporately structured organization, I showed up wearing an orange blazer, blue sneakers, black Buddy Holly eyeglasses, and my finest vintage T-shirt; if my new job had been lead singer of a nerdcore band, I would have totally rocked the look. So it was really unfortunate that I had been hired by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and not Nerdapalooza.

I feel it’s important to reveal here that I’m probably the least likely person to ever work for an art museum — though I could easily have been voted most likely to get kicked out of one. The facts: I never studied art or art history, have zero experience of any kind working in the art world, and have historically viewed museums, and their staff, as kinda uptight, rule-bound you-know-whats. Not to mention the fact that contemporary art in particular always tripped me up. Wait, I’m supposed to touch the art? I’m NOT supposed to touch the art? And how am I supposed to even figure out whether what I’m looking at IS the art? If there is one crumpled candy wrapper on the museum floor it’s garbage, but if a whole pile of candy is sitting in the corner of a gallery, it’s art? (Note: Candy piled in a corner is actually a well-known piece of art by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. And, yes, you can touch and even eat the candy.)

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