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The Most In-Demand Jobs for July 2020

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Hiring is on the rise in many countries, a sign that the global labor market could be slowly, steadily recovering. And according to LinkedIn job posting data, global demand for certain roles has grown particularly fast over the past month. 

Our latest data reveals that essential workers are still some of the most sought-after talent. The demand for drivers, cooks, and nurses more than doubled compared to the previous month. At the same time, roles like salesperson and software engineer have continued to stay in high demand throughout the pandemic. 

Read below to get a full list of the most in-demand roles this month. This post is part of a monthly series where we will track the most in-demand jobs in the world and focus on the up-and-coming roles on the market, helping you inform your hiring strategy and outlook. 

Job posts for essential workers have skyrocketed 

Essential workers — those who have to physically be at their job to keep society running — have been lauded as heroes during the pandemic, and many initially received pay raises to back up that praise. As lockdowns around the world have started to transition into cautious re-openings, demand for these workers has only increased. 

Here are the roles with the greatest month-over-month increase in job posts: 

Jobs with the Fastest Growing Demand

  1. Driver
  2. Software Architect
  3. Cook
  4. Nurse
  5. Customer Service Specialist
  6. Home Health Nurse
  7. Site Reliability Engineer 
  8. Stock Clerk
  9. General Manager
  10. Architect 

Many of these jobs were already showing high demand in last month’s data, and the need for them has grown even more. 

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