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The most likable people always avoid these 13 communication mistakes, say speech and words experts

By | Kathy | Ross Petras |

Words matter. How you choose them and how you use them makes a big difference in the way people perceive you. 

Researchers have found that there are certain words, phrases and other ways of communicating that can make others think more highly of you, improve your reputation, and help create a more empathetic and compassionate workplace.

Here are 13 communication mistakes that the most likable people always avoid:

1. Not greeting people

What to do: Say “Hello,” “Good morning,” or ask “How are you?”

Greeting people, even in a casual way, pays off big time. Nowadays, many people feel that their coworkers aren’t civil or friendly enough. By being polite and starting the conversation off with a bit of humanity, you stand out as a warm and friendly person.

The same applies to emails and text messages: Open with a pleasant greeting before getting to the point.

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