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The Most Popular HR & People Analytics Resources of 2021

By | Caroline Styr |

As 2021 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the most popular HR and People Analytics resources that the myHRfuture readers and the Digital HR Leaders podcast listeners have engaged with this year. There have certainly been some trending topics:

  1. Focusing on employee mental health, wellbeing and psychological safety

  2. Preparing the organisation for the future of work with skills-based workforce planning

  3. Upskilling HR professionals with the capabilities they need for the digital age

  4. Developing a data driven culture for HR to embed evidence-based decision making across the organisation

Read on to explore each topic in more detail and use the further reading lists at the end of each section to dive even deeper into these themes.

Focusing on the employee’s mental health, wellbeing and psychological safety

In 2020, the leading headline for the workforce response to the pandemic was a surprising uptick in productivity. In 2021, the headline, more concerningly, is the mental health impact of the pandemic on workers around the world.

2020: The Productivity Response to Covid-19

Source: Microsoft Work Trend Index

2021: The Mental Health Response to Covid-19

Source: McKinsey

The pandemic has affected workforce wellbeing, how can focusing on psychological safety help organisations to respond?

Today, mentions of psychological safety in organisations have become extremely important, and the concept has become recognised across industries from financial services to healthcare organisations. Moreover, with the pandemic, the term has become even more popular due to its significance to remote working, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and agility.

In an article written by Amy Edmondson and Per Hugander, they identified four techniques to create psychological safety within organisations, which are the following:

  1. Focus on Performance

  2. Train both individuals and team

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