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The most profound quotes to motivate you in your career

In a world where choice means everything, your thoughts can take you from miserable to purposeful and energised

By | Marlena Batchelor |

We spend a great deal of our time engaged in work where motivation is a necessary force to propel us towards expressing our full potential. Psychologist Abraham Maslow would refer to this as self-actualisation – something which humans are inherently motivated to strive for.

Whether you intend to improve your productivity at work, wake up earlier to begin your work day, master a new skill or survive a tedious task with a smile on your face at the end, starting easy is the key, according to Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

Motivation itself isn’t static – it fluctuates all the time. When we want to achieve our goals it therefore makes sense to build new habits slowly into our existing routine and use positive self-talk to associate our efforts with pleasure.

This is one of the reasons why reaffirming to ourselves that our jobs make a difference to the lives of others or the greater community fuels us with purpose and boosts productivity.

Why not start with these inspirational quotes from the world’s strongest trailblazers? It’s easy to be disheartened by what’s missing, but sometimes shifting your focus to what is working can be the first step towards feeling energised and confident about your direction in life.

These quotes serve as a reminder that your attitude holds a great deal of value in today’s uncertain world.

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