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The Most Successful People Don’t Set Goals — They Do This Instead

Source | | Jennifer Cohen

Setting goals without setting intentions is a waste of time. While setting goals is fixated on the future, setting intentions keeps you grounded and present in the moment.

In order to achieve optimal success and stay in alignment with your values, your goals should be accompanied by daily intentions. Setting a goal is black and white—you either achieve it, or you don’t. Intentions, however, come from a growth mindset, and they set the standard for how you live and act, regardless of whether or not you achieve a set goal. The big difference here is that intentions are rooted in values, not external outcomes, and they keep your attention in the present, not the future. While accomplishing goals everyday may not be feasible, intentions are flexible and ever-changing, leaving you plenty of freedom to re-evaluate.

Setting intentions can be like preparing for a big meeting. You don’t know if the meeting will go as planned, but you get your ducks in a row anyway. In this scenario, you could set an intention that regardless of how the meeting goes, you will be receptive, flexible and will easily be able to resolve anything that comes up. If you keep this mentality throughout the day, you can feel confident that you held true to who you are, regardless of the meeting’s outcome. Setting intentions allows you to actively participate in living out your values in each and every moment.

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