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The Most Toxic Employees At Your Company Aren’t The Ones Who Quit

Source | Linkedin | Robert Glazer | Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

As business leaders, we often worry about former employees badmouthing their business or even stealing from the company on their way out the door, but those aren’t the people who pose the greatest risk. The workers who can really bring your business down still work for you.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an engagement crisis in the workplace these days. Research cited in Gallup indicates that as many as 60 percent of workers are not engaged at work, representing more than $600 billion of lost productivity per year. 

It stands to reason people who don’t like what they’re doing won’t do very good work. That’s why I think the most damaging people at a company aren’t the ones who quit and leave.

They are the ones who quit and stay. This is the situation where the employee says, “I hate it here. I’m leaving as soon as I find a decent job, but I’m not going to say anything until I give two weeks’ notice.” They’re physically present but mentally long gone.

When it comes to employee engagement, ignorance isn’t bliss. Just because someone is physically in the office doesn’t mean everything is going well.

That person could be letting key tasks slide, quietly missing deadlines or even putting key client relationships at risk. People who are unhappy but trapped are often the ones who damage morale by complaining and spreading rumors, copying intellectual property and creating a toxic environment. And they do this from the inside, which is far more damaging than the average rumor spread by an ex-employee.

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