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The Myth of the Healthcare Hero | Dr. Jasmine Marcelin | TEDxOmaha

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

Dr. Jasmine Marcelin is one of the Healthcare Heroes who are working on the frontline of COVID-19. While the medical workers are really heroic, Dr. Marceline points out they are doing what they do everyday. However, after a year of the pandemic, they are exhausted, decimated by the pandemic, and their emotional and energy bank is running on empty. Her talk highlights the critical role that many other frontline workers are playing and the often-devastating impact COVID has taken on these unsung heroes. While the gift cards and free meals are generous and thoughtful, what is more impactful is everyone stepping up and playing their part to combat COVID-19, reduce the spread, and reduce the punishing emotional and physical toil faced by health care workers and others on the frontline

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