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‘The nature of work that we are in, there is no new normal for us’

"We have to continue to offer seamless and uninterrupted services to patients visiting our hospital. Surgeries and other important treatments cannot be done without being physically present," says Kumar S Krishnaswamy, Group Head - HR, Asia Healthcare Holdings

Source | | Smridhi Uppal

With social distancing being the need of the hour, how challenging is it for the caregivers to ensure they deliver their services while protecting their own well-being at the same time? In an interaction with ETHRWorld, Kumar S Krishnaswamy, Group Head – HR, Asia Healthcare Holdings, discusses the challenges faced by them being a part of the healthcare industry. Edited excerpts:

What are the challenges you encountered due to the Covid-19 crisis?

Considering the unprecedented situation the humankind is witnessing, the HR of any organization is bound to experience immense challenges. Considering the lockdown, communicating became a concern. Since the healthcare industry cannot be devoid of physical contacts, employees were apprehensive about aspects of safety and worried about the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. There were moments of anxiety and stress during the lockdown as the situation was difficult and almost all of us were clueless. Our priority was to build trust, confidence and a constant reassurance, keeping the communication channel open, providing comfort to employees and ensuring they strike a balance between work and personal life in the need of the hour.

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