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The New Paradigm for the Future

Source | LinkedIn | Vijay Kumar | Chief Solutions Officer & MD at flexymanagers

Learning to thrive in today’s dynamic world of work requires business leaders to develop a completely new set of leadership skills that focuses on a ‘just-in-time’ solution: One that includes flexible talent management processes and programs.

As talent markets tighten, Agile Leaders are increasingly making ‘Flexy workforces’ or the Interim Manager Model mainstream in their organisations’ plans for growth.

This is a ‘flexible’ new-age way of working where organisations have a small core team (the decision-makers) that remains constant, blended with a pool of temporary or part-time #InterimManagers, giving organisations the flexibility to hire or let go of employees depending on specific talent requirements and business fluctuations.

Here’s where #flexmanagers comes in!

We support organisations to bridge their short-term talent gap, as well as take charge of rapid change, with highly skilled senior & mid-level #InterimManagers.

I’m reminded of the time when an FMCG MNC was preparing to present a business strategy for their principals visiting from USA. The MD wanted a Management Graduate for three months from a reputed institute who had worked in FMCG in the Big4 Consulting Companies. No big deal… but the requirement was extremely urgent, on a yesterday basis! Instead of being apprehensive, the flexymanagers team was invigorated.

We received the requirement on Thursday evening, we walked into the MD’s office with CV’s on Friday, interviews were held on Sunday and the Interim Manager reported for the assignment on Monday.

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