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The New Workforce Awakens

Source | LinkedIn : By Putul Mathur

Millennials have changed the workforce landscape dramatically. They have made it more dynamic, flexible, and location-agnostic. The new workforce grew up in a world enriched with computers, cell phones, email, and instant messaging. They are used to a fast-paced, instant world that is always moving and changing. They grew up with immense choices and a wider horizon than the generation before them. This workforce is constantly looking for innovative ways to complete tasks and are not bound by the traditional notions of the 9-to-5 routine.

Clearly, this change evolved over time as technological advances, industrialization, and liberalized trade moved over several million jobs from the farms to office spaces in the early 1980s. While global companies shopped for low-cost labor sources to maintain margins, they also created high-skill jobs to boost productivity in both developed and emerging markets alike. This offered immense opportunities for the millennials to thrive.

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