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The Next Revolution Is Happening Inside Your Company

By | Jake Sorofman | Chief Marketing Officer at Visier Inc.

The first 25 years of my career were spent riding the wave of an industry-wide obsession with customers–acquiring them, retaining them, and maximizing their lifetime value. 

It began with Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (yes, I’m dating myself here) and their foundational work on 1:1 marketing, to the advent and rise of companies like Salesforce, through an utter explosion of a massive ecosystem of vendors that followed. 

And then on to trillion dollar behemoths like Amazon, Google and Facebook that built platforms to aggregate and traffic customer and audience data as the engine for virtually every company’s growth.

In parallel, there was a massive race to win hearts, minds and discretionary spending power with big, bold brands, and deep investments in making customers feel loved.

The revolution of this last quarter century has been largely outside-in. Companies have industrialized and operationalized the very human traits of listening, understanding, and empathizing … all toward the goal of getting customers to buy more stuff.

To paraphrase my Visier colleagues Adam Binnie and Zack Johnson, the world has made massive investments in making consumers better consumers … but how about making employees better employees … and, as importantly, making employers better employers?

That will have a much more important and lasting economic and societal impact. 

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