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The No. 1 job interview question to ask to spot a red flag, from an HR pro

By | Jennifer Liu |

When Jordan Gibbs, 31, was laid off from her job as a recruiter with Lyft in November, her response was to spring into action. She pulled out her phone and decided to document her experience of unemployment, including a meticulous job-search plan, on TikTok.

As a hiring professional with eight years of experience, she saw that layoffs rippling across the tech space meant she’d be facing a different hiring market than what she was used to. All told, she went through 42 interviews over a two-month period before landing an offer in January.

Keeping all the details of those interviews straight, let alone using them to figure out if she wanted to work with each company, was a big task. Coming from a layoff, Gibbs also wanted to be sure she was joining a team that would be a really good fit and had long-term potential.

To help figure that out, Gibbs says she likes to ask one important question in early-round interviews: If you had the power to change one thing about the company, what would it be?

The answer will speak to either the culture of the company or the product of the company, Gibbs says.

It’s one thing to have constructive feedback about the business’s products or services and ideas of how to improve things for customers, she reasons.

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