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The No. 1 question you should ‘always’ ask at job interviews—it can get you hired ‘on the spot,’ says expert

By | Natalie Fisher |

Preparing for a job interview is tricky. As a career coach who has helped hundreds of people land six-figure salaries, I’ve found one of the biggest mistakes candidates make is failing to ask strong questions.

Instead, they obsess over giving the right answers. But you don’t want to be the person who freezes when the hiring manager pauses at the end of the meeting and says, “Do you have any questions for me?”

There’s one question in particular that I tell people to always ask at job interviews (some have even told me it helped them land an offer on the spot): “If the new hire was to achieve one thing that would blow your mind, what would it be?”

It shows that you are strategic and think ahead

With this question, you’re telling your potential employer that you don’t just do the bare minimum, but that you plan to go above and beyond.

Plus, it makes you seem confident enough to use fun, playful language. Too many people stray away from showing personality in an interview.

Sometimes the hiring manager won’t know how to answer this question, so it creates space to discuss and envision what could be possible together if you were hired.

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