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The no. 1 reason people leave their jobs

Source | linkedIn : By Ciaran Foley

Companies can offer more money, training and development, recognition programs rewarding the right behaviours and many other benefits. But there are better ways to help you retain your key talent.

In our Asia-Pacific HR Salary Survey for 2016, we asked HR professionals across the region about what motivates them to perform and remain with their employer. The results specific to Australian employees make interesting reading.

HR professionals from multinational corporations, professional partnerships as well as small to medium-sized organisations told us what they value most about their job, and there were two aspects of their work which scored much more strongly than anything else.

The strongest response highlighted the importance of the relationship with their manager. It is interesting that in the ever changing world we work in, the relationship people have with their direct manager still takes precedence over everything else. It has been said that people leave managers, not companies and it would appear that in this age of increased flexible working options and technological advancements (meaning less face time with your manager!), the strength of this relationship is still the key factor in retaining staff. This is reflected in the conversations that I have with HR professionals on a regular basis. Whether a relationship has soured or was never properly established, one of the most common must-haves in their next role is a manager they can trust, respect and work collaboratively with.

The other response which ranked well above the rest was the company culture. This does reflect how businesses have evolved and changed or perhaps how some businesses have been slower to change. People strongly value the culture of the company they work in and they are making a conscious decision to work for a business based on the culture it has created.

These two responses highlight the importance that the HR community can play in retaining talented staff.

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