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The old Hierarchy is GONE and OPINION is TAKING CHARGE

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

For the first time in a very long time I can see a shift happening in, well…everything, and it will require us to shift too. We can either open our mind to it or we can be totally crushed by it and live the rest of our existence in a bitter twisted state of annoyance.

It seems to me (since the beginning of time – well my time anyway), that there has been a certain way of thinking that we are either all doing or not doing or aspiring to. This ‘thinking’ is about logic and levels. We complete one level, so we can move to the next. We have it in education, in business, in jobs, in finance, in social status and so it goes on. It is unthinkable to not have a hierarchy of achievement.

But this hierarchy, though making a lot of sense, always suited some people and excluded others. Unfortunately for thousands of years the ‘others’ couldn’t do anything about it.  Until now.

These ‘others’ have finally got a voice. It can be a good voice, and can be a bad voice, but it is a voice and the whole point of having this voice and being heard is what this new shift is all about.

What hierarchy did for the world was squash things that weren’t suited to the ‘norm’. If you didn’t fit into the ‘norm’, you were considered somehow socially less worthy. And I’d say most people in their life to date have felt this at some time or other. For example, you wanted that job, but didn’t get it, it went to some loud mouth, you wanted to get that book published, but you didn’t because no publisher would accept it. You wanted that ‘life partner’ but didn’t get them because you weren’t their type….(this one I’m not sure about but worthy of discussion!). And so the list goes on. We’ve all felt it.

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