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The One Thing That High Growth People Do (and Why They Do It)

Source | LinkedIn | Whitney Johnson

Agent of disruption.

It may sound like a spy game involving stealth, high jinks, and heroic escapades. But when we’re the ones being disrupted it can feel like we’re on the losing end of a contest that is not much fun at all. 

One of the best ways to cope with, and even harness the forces of constant disruption so as to grow faster, is to become the agent of your own disruption—to disrupt yourself.

If you can master this one skill – disrupting yourself before you get disrupted – a world of possibility and growth opens up to you. Disruptors, high-growth individuals know this. Here’s why they have chosen to take charge of their growth and learning, rather than waiting for the battle to come to them, and why you should become a disruptor too:

1. Yourself.

When you try something new, you’re choosing to focus your energies on who you can become, not who you are. You liberate yourself to move from stuck in the status quo to unstuck, opening doors to new potential. As you progress along a new path, your brain is lubricated by dopamine, a learning-loving neurotransmitter that generates feelings of well-being. Disrupting yourself makes you happy.

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