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The One Thing The Greatest Leaders Do (Which Others Don’t) To Become Successful

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An Unusual Request

In early 1994, former San Francisco 49ers head coach Bill Walsh received a phone call from an old friend and former player, but not just any player.  Quarterback Joe Montana was reaching out with a surprising request.

Montana was asking Coach Walsh to review his mechanics and footwork.  Montana simply felt they were not as precise as they should be.  Something felt off.

What was surprising about this request was Montana’s professional status.  You see, by this time Montana was a 15-year veteran, two-time National Football League Most Valuable Player, four-time Super Bowl champion, and his place in the Hall of Fame was already secure.  Many were already viewing him as the greatest quarterback of all-time.

And yet, he was focused on among other things….. footwork.


Why would the greatest quarterback to ever play the game at that point spend so much time on fundamentals?

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