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The Other 99 Innovators: The Phenomenal Females Forbes Forgot

Source | Linkedin | Claire Diaz-OrtizClaire Diaz-Ortiz is an influencer | Bestselling Author, Speaker & Angel Investor

It’s been a bad month for women in business. 

First, WeWork filed for its IPO with a board of directors made up entirely of men (I call this a “moard”). Then, depressing research from Harvard Business Review came out showing that #metoo has created a backlash of exclusionary practices in the workplace that have made some things worse for women. Finally, Forbes, in efforts to win the dumpster fire wars, released a report of 100 innovators, featuring only 1 woman on the whole list. (Another white guy at Forbes has since issued an exceedingly boring non-apology.)

In honor of all this bad news, I put my feet up, grabbed one or four cups of coffee, and came up with my own list. 

To be clear (as Forbes was not), here was my methodology:

  1. Drink Coffee 
  2. Think of Cool Women I Admire in Random Industries 
  3. Drink More Coffee

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