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The pandemic has changed leadership forever — here’s how to be good at it

By | Emily DSilva |

Well before there was even a whiff of coronavirus, the attributes that were predicted to be the most important for business leaders by 2030 were the ability to be innovative, adaptive to change, and collaborative across the business. With the sudden curveball thrown by the pandemic this year, businesses have had to adapt the way they operate almost overnight, and greater pressure and responsibility has been put on the shoulders of leaders in the workplace. It became clear that those predicted qualities are most certainly what was needed during the pandemic.

The future of work isn’t clear, but what’s certain is that flexible working is here to stay. As well as focussing on purpose, culture, and leadership at ABN AMRO, Transformation Consultant Marit Janssen is also developing the Future of Work project, which explores how the company will continue working post-COVID.

During her TNW2020 keynote on ‘Remote Leadership’, Janssen shared some of the best practices from the company and highlighted the fact that the key responsibilities of managing and communicating with your team, but also motivating them and facilitating the collective journey towards the common goal of the company remain the same as they were before, it’s just the context that has changed.

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